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Windows Mobile


Windows Mobile based devices are rapidly becoming more popular. With it's built in tools, it makes an ideal tool to carry around with you and access the Internet and network resources on the move. This section intends to show you how this is possible.

Windows Mobile Projects

Listening to Music Stored on your PC
There are two ways that you can use your Windows Mobile like a personal stereo:

  • Shared Directory - where the Windows Mobile device accesses a shared folder on your computer.
  • Streaming Music - not as difficult as you may think and means that you don't need to worry about an open share on your PC.

Remote Control of Music Playing on Your PC
Use your Windows Mobile to control what the PC is playing.

Synchronise Over the Network
If you are fortunate to have a network connection on your Windows Mobile and your PC is connected to the same network, then this page will show you how to synchronise over the network (not Windows Mobile 5.0).

Using Bluetooth With Windows Mobile
If you have a Windows Mobile device with Bluetooth and a PC that also has Bluetooth capabilities - and has been upgraded to Windows XP SP2 then this section shows how you to pair your devices, use ActiveSync over Bluetooth and use the Windows Mobile 6 Internet Sharing feature.

Using Windows Mobile with Microsoft Exchange Server
Includes setup instructions for the Exchange server and the mobile device.

Getting Console Access on the Terminal Services Client
Windows Mobile has a terminal services client built in. If you are connecting to a Windows 2003 server, then it would be useful to get at the console, instead of working in a terminal services session. Easily done using the Windows terminal services client, a little more difficult with the Windows Mobile version.

Working with SSL Certificates
With the increase in the use of SSL for access to web sites such as Outlook Mobile Access, you may find that you need to import certificates, install new certificates. This page guides you through the process required.

Using the Windows Mobile Emulator
If you need to support Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6 devices, then the emulator can make your life so much easier.

Tools and Resources

Network Tools
Useful utilities and other bits to use on your connection to the network or Internet.

If no name resolution is available you will need to create a Hosts file to access local network resources.

Compatibility Table

As some of the techniques on this web site are not compatible with all versions of Windows Mobile, we have included a compatibility table. An example and definitions are shown below.

Windows Mobile
Compatibility Information

Windows Mobile
2002 No Compatible or not with Windows Mobile 2002
2003 No Compatible or not with Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE
5.0 Yes Compatible or not with Windows Mobile 5.0
6 Yes Compatible or not with Windows Mobile 6
Written Using 2002 Which version was used when writing the article

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