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Windows Mobile

Music over Your Wireless Network

Windows Mobile
Compatibility Information

Windows Mobile
2002 Yes
2003 Yes
5.0 Yes
Article Written Using 2002

If you have collected a large amount of music which is stored on your PC, then you can access it over a wireless network from your Windows Mobile device. This turns your Windows Mobile in to a personal stereo device, where you don't have to worry about changing a tape or CD or copying new music to the device.

If you are interested in controlling music playing from your PC, please click here.

These instructions use Windows Media Player, on both the PC and the Windows Mobile device. The music is stored on the PC in the Windows Media format.

To complete this project, you will need the following:

  1. A working wireless network that allows your Windows Mobile device and your desktop PC to see each other. (Check this page for information on how to verify that).
  2. Your music stored in a single folder - sub folders are allowed.
  3. For Windows Mobile 2003 BizzDev's Net Use - which you can get from here as it seems to have disappeared from the developer's web site. This facility is built in to Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher - so is not required for those versions.

Accessing Your Music

Before granting access to your music files, you should ensure that you have them all located in the same folder. You can have sub folders below the master folder, as Media Player will scan any subfolders in that master folder.

To allow you to access your music from another device, you must share the directory that holds the music files.

  1. On your desktop machine right click on the folder that contains all your music and click sharing.
  2. Give it name like music. You can set permissions if you prefer. You may want to make the share "Read Only" for the group "Everyone" so that it can be read, but not changed. This also means that you will not need to specify a password.

Now that you have shared the music folder out, you need to connect to it.

  1. For Windows Mobile 2003, download and install Bizz Dev's Net Use application in the usual way
  2. On the Windows Mobile device, tap Start, Programs and Net Use.
  3. Click Tools in the lower right corner and tap Options.
  4. Verify that the "Default Domain" matches your workgroup name. (Click here to find out how to check your workgroup name). Press OK.
  5. Tap on the icon next to Tools that looks like a yellow folder with a bit of pipe at the bottom.
  6. In "Local Name", give it a name. e.g.. Music. This is what the folder will be labelled as on your Pocket PC.
  7. In "Remote Path", enter the name and share that you want to connect to.
    For example, if your workstation name was "Workstation" and the share was "music" you would enter:
    "\\workstation\music" (minus the quotes). Make sure you include the "\\".
    Alternatively, choose Browse to browse your network. 
  8. Press OK. If you are prompted for a username and password, enter them. If it also asks you for a domain enter either:
    Your machine's own name if you are not a Domain user.
    Your domain name if you are a Domain user
    (In this context domain is a Windows Domain).

Once you are connected, you can start Microsoft Media Player - Windows Media on the Pocket PC. It will automatically scan your Pocket PC, including the new network connection for media to play. It should detect and start playing your music.


Cannot connect.

  • Verify that you have set the "Default Domain" is the same as your Workgroup or domain name:
    1. Right Click on My Computer.
    2. Choose Network Configuration (Windows 2000) or Computer Name (Windows XP).
    3. Read what it says for Domain or Workgroup.
    4. Change the Net Use option on your Pocket PC to match that name.
  • Verify that your Windows Mobile can see your desktop PC - click here for more.
  • Verify that your desktop PC is on and is active. It cannot be suspended or in hibernation. It also needs to be connected to the network. 

Poor sound quality or sound cuts in and out.

  • Check whether either the Windows Mobile or the desktop PC is very busy doing other tasks.
  • Check whether the network is busy doing other things - especially if the wireless network has lots of devices on it.

Alternative Streaming Method

We have recently discovered an alternative streaming method which allows you to use play lists and use the system with multiple players - not just Windows Mobile devices. More information.

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