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Windows Mobile

Remote Control of Music

Windows Mobile
Compatibility Information

Windows Mobile
2002 Yes
2003 Yes
5.0 Yes
Article Written Using 2002

To control the music being played back on your main desktop PC with the Windows Mobile device will need a third party application. This can be useful if you have connected your computer to a stereo system or are hosting a party and want to have control over what is being played remotely.

If you are interested in actually listening to music stored on your PC from the Windows Mobile handheld - please click here.

Each of these products have a trial version, so that you can find one that you are comfortable with.

"Rudeo Control":

"Zerama Control":

"Sailing Clicker":

"Compact Remote Control":

Bluetooth Remote Control

A new application has recently been released that uses Bluetooth to provide the connection between the Windows Mobile Device and the PC with Windows media Player on it. If your desktop doesn't have Bluetooth then you will need to get a Bluetooth module - a USB one is often the easiest.
You can read more about the application here:

Control of Devices

Another option would be purchase a music streamer which streams the music to your audio system, then control that with your Windows Mobile device.

The now discontinued Roku Soundbridge is one such example (also sold under other names such as the Pinnacle Soundbridge). That can be used with a tool called VisualMR.

Code Your Own

If you are a programmer with .net skills, you may also be interested in an article on Microsoft's MSDN site which explains how to use ".net" technologies to create a remote control for use with a Windows Mobile device. 

If you get this to work and have a version that others can use without programming knowledge, please let us know. We will be more than happy to distribute from a web site that we host.

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